The Best Of Michael Capponi

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You see, getting to the best clubs in South Florida calls for more than just being the best. You need to have the right connections to make it. One of the common questions most club promoters hear today is what are the best clubs and then again how can one get to them.

To give a timely answer to individuals that may not have the chance to meet up with bigwigs like Michael Capponi, a mobile app has been created dubbed InList. This mobile app allows the users to search for the hottest venues in a particular area and even offers the option to book such users for a night on the town or for special events.

InLIst has aligned itself with some of the major nightclub groups in the country thereby resonating its reach to more than 22 cities in the country. As such, InList is known for its ability to bring together hospitality with concierge services through an integral platform that rocks the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Dubai, London and even Monte Carlo.

This mobile app has been around since 1989, and being a pioneer in the South-end beach, it has several categories for its users, including VIP status and regular users. To this date, InList is introducing the aspect of private house parties as a way of keeping up with current times.