The Five Main Points To Keep In Mind When Designing A Mobile Web App

In relation to Froont’s blog:

Does your icon have lot of specifics and some extravagant effects applied? If yes, use a bitmap. If not, consider employing a vector picture. For bitmaps use a jpg, png or a gif, for vectors the very best choice would be a SVG or an icon font. Each has some rewards and some negatives. However hold in thoughts the measurement — no photos ought to go on-line without optimization. Vectors on the other hand frequently are very small, but some more mature browsers received’t help it. Also, if it has lots of curves, it might be heavier than a bitmap, so choose properly.

There are five main points you should keep in mind about designing a web app for your mobile device. Take a look at the successful apps. Note what they all have in common and find a running theme. There is a main focus for each one. Keep this main focus going as you develop yours. Always incorporate your brand somewhere within the app. Your brand needs to be everywhere, but in a subtle way. Share Your Office talks more about this on their website.

Your computer and mobile app are two different creatures. Don’t take the same concept and duplicate it. Your mobile app needs to be something else on its own. Keep in mind the accessibility of the different mobile devices when you design. No two devices are the same. You have to make it unique for your users. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Your users are coming to you for a reason. Don’t destroy that confidence by being something you are not.